Michael A Siebold

A Dehydrated Hiker


First, let me say, this was a really good hike!

Second, let’s talk about dehydration. It’s not always easy to tell if you’re dehydrating or not. One subtle clue is when near the end of your hike you find yourself lying in the middle of the trail with your gear strewn all around you praying that the cramp in your left quad lets go long enough for you to get to those two gatorades on the front seat of your car… Oh, and you’re also praying that no one comes along and sees you in your present state. I suppose if I had been there long enough that last prayer would have changed substantially.

Next, let’s talk about guidebooks. Now, I like this one. I bought it when I fist moved to Nashville and had been ticking off hikes around my area. This afternoon I decided that I had worked about all that I could work and I hadn’t gotten it out in around threeish years. So a little hike sounded like a perfect afternoon splurge. I picked an “easy” hike. I should have known that with a photo similar to the collage’s upper left in the book and with the trail starting at water level, that I would take issue with the “easy” rating. Part of it literally looked like the winding stairs from the Return of the King movie. I didn’t get a photo because I was focused on living through the climb, which was significantly more challenging with 30 or 40 lbs of gear and ripped out old running shoes.

Finally for my list, I keep adding to the relief map on my right leg. Maybe it will heal sooner or later… Unfortunately, I dinged it up leading up to what is one of the saddest photos I’ve taken in a while. I ran into an armadillo that was severely injured or dying. Nothing I could do for it, but it made me sad.

Oh, and the ice water in the thermos with a straw lid worked like a charm! It just wasn’t enough water for an out of shape Michael’s 3 hour photo adventure.

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